5 Wellness tricks to get in shape for your wedding

You should feel beautiful on your wedding day, and the best way to look your best is to follow a wellness routine that will make you healthier. Here are five wellness tricks that will prepare you for your big day.

Drink water – Water will help you get rid of toxins and improve your energy levels. Look at reducing your intake of sodas, juice, and caffeine and include at least eight glasses of water a day.

Serve smaller portions – Shrink your portions to reduce over-eating and bloating which can lead to weight gain in the long run. Instead, choose to have a second serve only if you are still hungry.

Fill up on fruits and veggies – Fruits and vegetables are a great way to add fiber and nutrients to your body.

Cut back on cocktails – Cocktails are high in sugar and calories. Instead, choose to have a glass of white or red wine with your meal or sip water instead.

Get some exercise – Any form of exercise done 30 minutes a day will do wonders for your mood, energy and increase your metabolism. Look at joining a fitness class at your local fitness center or select a YouTube workout video at home to get your daily dose of exercise. It is best to choose to workout at a time of day that you feel the most motivated or energized. Most often it is best to complete a cardio workout in the morning while a weights workout will be more effective in the evening when your body is warmed up.