6 tips for planning a rooftop wedding

freshweddingideasRooftop weddings are stunning with their towering skylines and beautiful sunsets. However, this type of venue requires a bit of planning. Here are 6 tips that you should look into before planning your rooftop wedding;

Your plan B- Since rooftop weddings can be affected by the weather, choose a venue that gives you an outdoor and an indoor space. This way if the weather is not as good you could always move inside.

Wind – To keep your flowers and table decor in place, choose designs that can be anchored down. Have a look at how the wind blows and avoid placing taller objects in these zones.

Lighting – Try to plan your wedding around the sunset. But once the sun goes down, you will need good lighting to create a festive atmosphere. You could use colourful LED lights that will bring a pop of colour to your wedding.

Coordination – If your venue is an older building, ask them about access to the rooftop. Speak to the hotel’s manager and ask them if they offer additional parking, if the hotel car park is full.

Have less decor – Since you have a beautiful backdrop, keep the decor to a minimum. This will prevent guests being distracted from their surroundings. Keep table decor to a small base of fresh flowers and elegant table linen.

Weather proof furniture – Go for leather or synthetic furniture, that can be wiped down if they get wet. You could even illuminate the furniture, to create a fun club like atmosphere.