7 Unique bridal shower Ideas

freshweddingideas july 2016A memorable bridal shower can really make for good start for wedding festivities. Here are 7  unique bridal shower Ideas

Send funky bridal shower invites – Choose modern invitations that are colourful and fun. You can run the same colour theme for the rest of the event, to create a uniformed look and theme.

Make your own perfume bar – Make a bar of perfumed oils paired with some empty perfume bottles. Your guests will love to create their own DIY perfumes and keep them as a keep sake from the event.

Set up a frozen yogurt buffet – A frozen yogurt buffet is refreshing and unique. Add a few candies, cereal and chopped fruit for a healthy fun dessert.

Create a colorful juice stand – A whole bar of cocktails can be colourful and really set the tone for the event. Make your cocktails in vintage glass decanters and add colourful fresh fruits.

Give out themed totes – Totes are practical and a great way to thank your guests for taking the time to attend your event. Stuff the totes with a beach towel and bottle of bubbly.

Cheese up the menu – Create a cheese fondue with a neatly cut up vegetables for a snack with a difference.

Play lawn games – Classic games like toilet paper the bride, bingo, badminton are fun and can get your guests talking to those they don’t know.