Hiring a Wedding DJ

If you have an upcoming wedding, you need to decide if you want to hire a DJ or a live band or a combination. Of course, this decision might be a matter of your budget. Once you decide to hire a DJ, think about a DJ that you may already know or seen at another event and liked.  You would need a quality DJ that would play the type of music that you prefer and keep the crowd dancing all night.

If you decided to hire a wedding DJ, you must address a range of key issues

  • Does the DJ come with good references or have positive online reviews?
  • What type of music will he be playing?
  • Is this a package for the evening (unlimited hours) or a fixed number of hours plus overtime (often more expensive than normal hours)?
  • Would the DJ expect a tip at the end?
  • How early should wedding DJ arrive and do sound check?
  • How long does it take to install its equipment?

Know that a good wedding DJ is distinguished by its method of work, it must offer to meet you before the big day, to better know your tastes. You should ask for a list of songs he might be playing and/or provide him a list of your own.  You do not want any surprises. We recommend that you give specific instructions to wedding DJ (the origins of your family, what kind of music you want to be the opening song).

You should also ask him what kind of power his equipment would need and assure your venue can support it. You do not want power outages or equipment failure due to power requirements.

Each wedding DJ has his style and you have your tastes, so you should discuss with him, share your views and stay open to his proposals. A good wedding DJ will guide you in your wedding music choices. We advise you to bring him before the evening. Two hours before starting, seems to be minimal, because it must anticipate everything even the unpredictable. In addition to his sound equipment, a good wedding DJ brings extensions in general, tape and multiple sockets (You can even provide a few extra just in case).

Remember to take your mobile number for last minute necessities. And remember that day you decide. For wedding schedules, we advise you to agree with him when signing the quote. Give him specific instructions regarding the selection of music, in case of requests for impromptu guests.

Know that only you to influence the wedding music choice of past record during the evening. Think of it specify what type of wedding entertainment you want, it must remain hidden behind the plate or behind the microphone to scream announcing each new disc. It is said that a successful wedding party in general works with an average of 150 discs. Think about satisfy every taste, if you love techno, but it will not throughout the evening. This wedding party is an occasion of great celebration and you must also satisfy your friends and family.

Traditionally, the wedding ball is opened by a waltz between the bride and her father. On that occasion and at the end of this dance, it “sends” his daughter to his son. You can opt for another music (why not a jazz tune), but know that dance is more suited to two. You can even zap this ritual if you are weighing.

In general the early evening gives pride to ballroom dancing. This is the time reserved for senior citizens. Seniors dancing to tunes of Tangos, waltzes and hat, you’ll be dazzled by their ease.

Subsequently, some titles will be known very welcome to dance with other younger guests. It is then the moment group dancing to the sound of traditional music or regional influences. You can ask the orchestra to play traditional folk tunes. If the bride and groom are from a particular province, contact a local folk group, preferably from the region of the bride.
The heart of the evening

Later, when the elders are gone to bed, young people are waking up and invade the runway on which they are unleashed. That’s when the DJ comes. Depending on the mood, he will adapt cycles rock, pop, or disco, ensuring that beaches are a series of fast rhythms and slower wedding music.

Your wedding night party should be a clever cocktail of your musical preferences and those around you. Leave it to the mix by the wedding DJ. The wedding dance floor will be occupied by cycle and the guests will have tiredness by regular phases. At these moments, background music will come to the point. Wedding DJ Services for your Wedding Ideas.