How to Achieve the Perfect Blow Dry

Written by Cosmix Inc.

There is more to the hair dryer than we think. Sure, it can be used to dry wet hair. But it’s also an effective hair styling tool that can be used to eliminate frizz, curl hair, and more. Want to know the secrets to a great blow dry? The professionals at Cosmix Inc., one of the leading schools for makeup artists, have put together this simple guide on how to blow dry your hair to perfection.

Know your attachments. The blow dryer alone might not get the look you’re going for. Blow dryers come with various attachments, all of which can help to style your hair. Use compressors when you need to direct the airflow. If you want to dry curly hair without ruining the curl, use a diffuser.

Prep before you dry. In an effort to save time, many people forget to prep their hair before turning on the blow dryer. But one of the secrets to a great blow dry starts before the hot air even hits the hair. Before using a brush or drying the hair with a blow dryer, towel-dry your hair to remove at least 60 percent of the moisture. Then, add styling product throughout hair.

Learn the right order. While most of us know how to part sections of the hair with clips before we blow dry, we might not know which section to blow dry first. The professionals at Cosmix Inc. recommend starting at the nape of the neck, continuing up back, and then drying the sides. Dry the top and front last.

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