How to Book a Banquet Hall

Los Angeles is full of restaurants and banquet halls that will fit any occasion, formal or casual. Choosing the right venue for your event requires thought about the amenities you and your guests will need for the big day. A wedding reception might be ok in a casual setting, but a business event would need something more formal. There are also concerns about parking, and what to do about catering. Making phone calls will solve many of these dilemmas, but it helps to know what questions to before you begin event planning in Los Angeles.


Bathrooms and parking spaces are the two biggest concerns here. You want to make sure that bathrooms are easy to locate and that there is ample parking for all of your guests. If there is not a lot with parking available, be sure to let guests know where they can find parking before the event begins.

Booking Concerns

Ask the venue how many people the hall will hold. It helps to finalize your guest list as soon as possible so you can give vendors a clear idea of what they will need to prepare for. You can find banquet halls in North Hollywood that offer accommodations for over 500 people, with several designs to fit different occasions. Some companies may have access to more than one venue, so be sure to detail your gathering to the vendor and explain exactly what you will need.

Services Available

Checking what the venue offers is helpful when booking other services. For instance, does the venue have its own catering service or would you be able to bring in your own food? Some wedding venues will let you bring your own cake, but may charge a “per slice” premium to have staff serve it to guests unless you use their baker. Package deals seem attractive because of the ease of all-in-one, but you have to be sure you’re getting a great value for your money. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. You might be ok with paying the venue for a bartender if they would let you bring your own food to the event, and these kinds of arrangements are only possible if you ask.

Other Considerations

Most venues won’t let you decorate walls, not even with removable tape. Because of this, the centerpiece and lighting become much more important. Some halls will have nicely painted walls or perhaps some art to color the event, but the rest of the setting is up to you. Sound equipment is another concern, as you’ll most likely want music and possibly an MC for the event. Ask the venue owner if they have access to these materials, and request a referral if they do not. It will at least save you time in your search if you know where to start.
The preceding post was written on behalf of L.A. Banquets, owners of several wedding venues in Los Angeles. L.A. Banquets owns halls that can accommodate more than 500 guests.