How to Get Lovely Lashes

Written by Cosmix Inc.

Although it might be impossible to get the perfect hourglass figure, it’s easy to get lovely lashes with the right makeup techniques. If you don’t have naturally long or dark eyelashes, take advantages of a few must-have tools. Get lovely lashes using the following products:

Eyelash curler: Beautiful eyelashes start with the eyelash curler, a tool designed to curl up lashes evenly. To achieve the look you want, it’s important to use it correctly. Look down, and put the curler at the bottom of the upper lid. Gently squeeze the tool, and then move up the lashes. Do this a few times as you move up the lashes to the end, then repeat.

Use Mascara: When you’re done curling your lashes, it’s time to use mascara. Mascara is a great makeup tool because it kills three birds with one stone: it colors, darkens, and thickens lashes. Since there are many different types of mascara on the market, it’s important to have a few in your makeup bag so that you can achieve the look you want. (If you’re a professional makeup artist or attending one of the leading makeup artistry schools such as Cosmix Inc. you will learn when to use which product and why.) Experiment with cream mascara, cake mascara, and traditional mascara you can find at the store.

To apply mascara, tilt your head back and look down. To apply the bottom lashes, tilt your head down and look up. To get the perfect look, apply lash thickener before mascara. A lash thickener is another must-have product you will learn about at schools for makeup artists.

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