Shape Wear Is Necessary After Surgery

Plastic surgery is incredibly mainstream today.  However, it’s still a very big decision to make.  There are many things that one needs to consider prior to the surgery, however, there are also many elements to consider for the aftermath of the surgery as well.

There are various procedures today that require the use of shapewear surgical garments.  Liposuction, tummy tucks, mastectomies, breast enlargement and breast reduction are just a few of the surgeries that require shapewear in the weeks or months after.

Plus size body shapers and other compression wear helps to support and shape the skin into its new contours.  These special plastic surgery garments also help to increase circulation, prevent the buildup of fluids, and minimizes pain, swelling, and bruising.  The aftermath of surgery can be very painful, but compression wear has been shown to ease the process.  These bodysuits help the body to heal faster without putting too much strain on the body.  These suits have even been shown to make scar tissue less visible.

Believe it or not, shapewear such as Colombian fajas are not uncomfortable and restrictive like corsets.  Today these garments are made to be incredibly comfortable and flattering.  They literally shape to your individual curves and body.  They can also help to showcase your best assets without any bumps or lumps.  Shapewear easily goes under any type of garment.  If you have a gorgeous and slightly revealing dress to wear, you can rest assured that you’ll look like dynamite wearing shapewear underneath.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying shapewear is the fit.  Particularly after surgery, it’s important for the garment to be formfitting without being too constricting.  It’s best to receive a fitting before selecting the right size.  As far as color, you should choose a color that goes well with your clothing.  Nude is typically a great choice for the majority of clothes and obviously black works best with dark colored fabrics.

Shapewear typically comes in various levels of control such as light, medium, and firm.  It’s crucial to pick a garment with the right level of control.  Light garments typically smooth your appearance without shaping.  A medium control offers some toning while a firm control garment can actively flatten and reduce your body size.  It’s best to consult with your plastic surgeon about what type of control level you require.


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