How to style a monochrome wedding


Monochrome styling has become very popular for weddings. Black and white weddings, project a classic sense of timeless elegance. To make this styling more approachable, less stark and romantic, think of light and dark hues rather than stark dark and light colors. This can be done by mixing light powder pinks and blues to reduce contrast. Here are a few tips to create a spectacular monochrome wedding.

Your Wedding invitation – Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding. It should reflect the event’s formality. Instead of going for a stark black and white invite, you could opt for champagne and black. You could also include lace detail, which would reduce darkness.

Signage- Personalized signage is a great way to add a sense of glamour to your wedding. If you are considering a more formal event, opt for signage on a mirror. On the other hand, if you prefer a more rustic feel, opt for signage off a black board.

Arbor with detailing – An Arbor can provide your monochrome wedding with that little bit of softness. Use light colored flowers with lace or candles. The Arbor would be a great backdrop for wedding pictures.

Lighting – Lighting can create softness even with fully monochrome decor. Create mystery and softness with candles and warm dimmed lighting.

Your cake topper- A stunning cake topper really sets the mood for your event. Opt for a cluster of black roses and feathers, which would catch your guests attention and create drama.