The Best Time to Travel to France

By French Experience

One thing many people have on their bucket list is a France vacation. The European country is known around the world for its beauty as well as its legendary cuisine. Prospective chefs travel to France from all over the world in order to learn their trade under some of the best in the business. People are often astounded to find how amazing even cheap French food is.

But if you’re hoping to travel to France you may be wondering when the best time to go is. The easy answer is that any time is the best time to visit. Just go as soon as you can before it’s not an option.

However, most people would recommend you travel there during the summer. Unless you’re hoping to enjoy some skiing in the Alps, summertime will have everything you’re looking for. Paris will be beautiful, you could try to take in the sights and films of Cannes and, of course, you can sunbathe for months at a time at the French Riviera.

That being said, this will also be the busiest time to visit as well. As such, you may want to opt for the “shoulder” months. The beginning of fall and the end of spring will still leave you with plenty to do, but less people to compete with and lower prices.

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