Tips for meeting your In-laws when you’re engaged

wedding-picAll parents want their children to get married to a sane, responsible, loving person. The best way to get on the right side of your in-laws is to ace the first interview. These tips will show you how;

Dress up – Your look should impress, but in good way. Stay clear of the mini skirts, revealing tops and leopard print. Opt for something simple and classy.

Information is power – Ask your partner about their parents and what they like and dislike. For example your partner’s parents may not like smokers. Ask your partner questions about his/her parents hobbies, passions and work.

Culture – If you’re engaged to someone from a different culture, you will need to respect and learn about their heritage. You could start off by how they greet and how they say niceties in their language.

Be polite – Keep in mind to include little acts of consideration, like helping with the meal, clearing up the dishes, not blocking the driveway with your car etc. Include lots of “please” and “thank you”s throughout the whole event.

The name issue – In some cultures it is disrespectful to call your in-laws by their first names. You could ask your other half how his/her parents are address by his/her friends or sister/ brother in-law. If your in-laws like to be called by their first names, it’s best that you get the pronunciation of the name right.

Bring a gift – Bring the host a gift. A bottle of wine or dessert (homemade scores more points) is an easy option.