Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece is an essential element in the decoration of your wedding table. Your centerpiece is part of the wedding theme; it echoes the make up and the seating plan. It is the visual representation of your tables.

Here are some ideas for your table wedding centerpieces.

The Floral Centerpieces

Whether a large or small arrangement basket, the floral centerpiece or plant is the most popular wedding centerpiece idea. The floral arrangement may be made in a vase, on a cube of foam in a planter, etc.. The floral centerpiece is very fragile and difficult to make, it requires an experienced florist or a someone artistic with floral art. It could be quite costly.

For those that want to save money, you may want to make your own arrangements with some friends or family members, but make sure you have someone artistic in your family that can help. However, it is not recommended that you get involved yourself as you would be probably very busy in the days leading to the wedding and have no time.

Ready to go floral arrangements or flower plants may also be an option to save some money.

Other Centerpiece Ideas

  • Use a big glass vase with gold fish or beta fish in the water.
  • Fruit & vegetable arrangements. There are companies that specializes in floral looking fruit arrangements.  Initially this would serve as a visual centerpiece, but by the end of the wedding most of your centerpiece will be eaten!
  • A Japanese garden.  Think of small plants like Bonsai trees or other arrangements like bamboos.
  • Home made art centerpieces. If you’re good with art and your hands, go for a centerpiece created by yourself. They will be unique and perfectly suited to your theme and wedding decoration.