You’ve Found the One, Now Find the Ring

Love sometimes hits us out of the blue. We just never know when that proverbial lightning will strike. It is wonderful and sacred thing to find that perfect someone, especially in our sometimes jaded world. A love like this needs to be treated with respect and reverence. And if you are getting ready to ask that question, the choosing of the ring should be treated with the same amount of care. While it may be possible to find a contemporary ring that would do, there may be a better avenue to follow. You may want to consider choosing from a selection of antique rings.

An antique ring has already spanned that passage of time. It has graced the fingers of those who have lived and learned in past days. In addition, a ring is usually given in the spirit of love. There is the possibility that the original wearer of this treasure was given this gift by a man who asked her a special question on one knee as well. That is the point of giving vintage rings to a true love. They are filled with the numerous romantic possibilities from the past, while in the same measure being given with the hope of a bright future with that special someone.

The true mark of a healthy relationship is that it grows and evolves, learning lessons and applying them to make an even stronger bond. And yet, advice and suggestions from those who have walked this road before us are just as valuable as the new things we learn. An antique ring symbolizes this in such a poignant way, borrowing from the past to create something new.

Whatever your choice of engagement ring might be, we sincerely hope she says yes. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you.

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