3 Fun Wedding Ideas

It’s obvious that your wedding reception is all about the bride. However, it can turn out to be boring for the guests if the day’s events turn out to be too funny.

Remember that they are there to celebrate the wedding along with you. A few ideas from the professionals can help your guests relax and have fun. Here are 3 fun wedding ideas:

1: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Your guests will really feel close to the celebrations if you make their picture a part of the décor. This is done by hanging pictures of both the bride and groom along with friends and family from the ceremony to the reception. This will help them walk down memory lane apart from being an excellent cocktail party conversation starter.


2: Play Party Games

Some ways by which you can keep the guests engaged is by using puzzles whether during the ceremony or prior to it. A couple of examples include turning the menu into a puzzle where the guests have to piece it back together again. Also, you can add a crossword puzzle at the back of a program just in case they have a long commute to the reception.

3: Break the Ice As Creatively As Possible

As you enter the reception as husband and wife for the first, don’t just stroll in arm-in-arm. Think about doing something as creative as a run, skip, dance or even swoop in on a rope swing too. For this, brainstorm with your groom or bride as to how you would like to make a first impression. Remember that doing this will kick start a fun tone for the remainder of the reception too.