4 Tips to Throw the Best Wedding Ever

While there’s no doubt that this is your big day, it also pays if you think of the other people in your Life who are sharing these special moments with you at your wedding.

So, with that said, here are 4 ways by which you can throw the best wedding ever:

#1: Keep the ceremony as brief as possible

Even if your family and friends are happy to take a day off for your wedding but it’s going to be boring to sit through a drawn-out ceremony. It’s a good idea to keep the ceremony to about 20 minutes just so that you won’t lose attention throughout the entire ceremony.

#2: Create a Wedding Program

Creating a personalized program that not only offers details about yourself and the groom as well as the ceremony’s events, you’ll keep your invitees’ interest at the wedding if they want to get to know you two better. More importantly, it will help keep them busy just in case there’s a delay.

freshwedding ideas#3: Use a Wedding App or a Twitter Hashtag

There are a number of wedding apps that can be used where some allow you to aggregate wedding photos in one album while others can keep your friends and family in touch with the latest wedding news. Simpler still, create a simple hashtag and ask your guests to post their pictures.

#4: Prepare a Welcome Basket for your Guests

Whether this involves a destination wedding or one hosted in your hometown, preparing a welcome basket for your guests is an excellent idea. The welcome basket could contain snacks, water, information about coffee shops, nearest drug store or restaurants. If you can afford a little more, then you can offer a bottle of wine too.