4 Wedding Trends That Aren’t ‘In’ Anymore

Even if the wedding rules change every year, there are some trends that are loved by one and all. Yet there are others that have to be done away with.

Here are 4 wedding trends that aren’t ‘in’ anymore:

1: Peonies

Peonies are lovely but they are in short supply even if they are requested for by brides. Worse still, they are extremely expensive both in and off season. Even if you want peonies for your wedding, you must know that there easier alternatives. Some of these options include roses, dahlias and ranunculus.

freshweddingideas2: Buffets

While this isn’t exactly a trend, it still needs to be stopped. Even if couples think they are offering their guests variety, what usually happens is clothes getting stained, waiting in long lines as well as eating their food cold. Instead, a cocktail reception should work better.

3: Performances

Performances are no good for a wedding not unless it is means something to the couple. If this is being done to show off to your guests, then you might as well spend the money elsewhere. One reason why it isn’t good is because it stops the flow of the wedding.

4: Wedding Gowns that look like ‘lingerie’

A number of brides will choose to flatter their figure with a dress that is more form fitting. That’s fine but only until an extent. If anything, pick a dress that doesn’t remind people of ‘bedroom attire’. There are countless designers that offer options that suit the occasion.