3 original wedding cake ideas

Planning a wedding is a complicated matter. Dresses, invitations, dinner, guests and the list goes on. But then at the last minute, something pops up. The wedding cake. Choosing a wedding cake is not a trivial task. People will remember you and your loved one cutting that cake for the rest of their lives. So the cake better represent your character. Here’s a list of 3 original cakes that you can choose from.

The naked cake

This cake has no frosting on the outside. So everyone sees what’s on the inside. This does make up for a splendid cake though. Especially, if there are fruits between the cake’s layers. The naked cake is ideal for intimate weddings. A naked cake means that the couple is very open to the persons around, kind of like an open book.

The chocolate cake

Everyone loves chocolate, so why not make a cake entirely out of chocolate. If that idea is too daring for you, then maybe a chocolate glazing will suffice. The chocolate cake is open to interpretation. One thing’s for sure, the choice is bold and people will remember the couple as that.

The creative cake

You’ll need to have lots of imagination to be able to pull this one correctly. Basically, take all the cake rules and throw them out of the window. Then, start designing your ideal cake. Even if it’s not to the taste of everyone, it will hopefully give a good representation of you and your partner. Everyone will remember that.