Bridal shower ideas

A bridal shower is not only about small talk and opening gifts; it can help your bridal party get better acquainted and set the tone for your wedding day. Here are some unique ideas that will make a memorable bridal shower.

Wine tasting bridal shower – If you have a small bridal party and want a relaxed bridal shower, a wine tasting is an excellent Look at offering at least four to six types of wine and offer wine after the tasting.

Cooking school bridal shower – If you and your bridal party cook a lot, it can be a nice idea to learn new culinary skills with the help of a chief. A cooking school bridal shower can also suit brides who want to be better in the kitchen. Call restaurants that you love and ask them if they host cooking classes or if their chefs make house calls.

A charity bridal shower – For those couples that have been living together for some time, a charity bridal shower is a great idea. Ask your guests to gift food items that will be donated to a charity of your choosing.

A Honeymoon bridal shower – The theme of a honeymoon bridal shower should come from the destination the couple will visit on their honeymoon. Gifts can also follow this theme and can be items or vouchers that the couple can use on their honeymoon at their special destination.