Four Wedding hair type tips

Article Written by : Stars Truck Extreme

Making sure your wedding hairstyle stays put for the entirety of your event, will ensure that you feel the most comfortable and get the best pictures. Here are four wedding hairstyles that are perfect for different hair types.

Curly hair – If you have super curly hair, it is best to work with your natural curls, since straightening your hair will only last for a few hours. Play your curls up by using hair products that fight humidity and keep frizz at bay. Hold your hair in place with bobby pins.

Straight hair – Most straight hair brides want curls, but the tighter the curl the faster they will fall out. Therefore it is best to keep the curls loose and large. If you prefer your hair away from your face, opt for a sleek bun or a French twist.

Fine hair – For brides with fine hair, it is best to wear your hair up, which will prevent your hair from going limp. Make your up do interesting by adding twists, loops, baby braids, and hair accessories. It is best to keep your hair slightly dirty for an updo as it will hold and stay better when set.

Thick hair – Show off your thick mane with a half updo with braids and twists to create interest. If you want to leave your hair down, you will need to straighten and add large curls to maintain your look throughout the night.