4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Happy When Getting Married

If you are planning to get married and already have children, then this changes the way your wedding will be conducted completely.

This is because the focus isn’t only about what will please the couple but also the children they have.

Here are 4 tips to keep your kids happy while getting married too:

1: An Outdoor Venue is Better

Not only are outdoor venues spacious but they are self-contained and can be used exclusively. This means that everyone at the wedding will remain so while children don’t wander off either. This is despite the fact that children do enjoy running around during weddings.

freshweddingideas2: Give Children Responsibility For the Wedding

Children would feel very happy to be a part of the event, so make sure you give them a role to play in the wedding. Some options includes providing guests with information or even gifts or even handing the microphone around during the speech.

3: A Dedicated Area for Children

A big benefit with outdoor venues is that they allow you to create your own wedding village where you can host the main events in a marquee or tipi. Of course, you can also book smaller tents just for the children. A bell tent or a yurt comes to mind. One can go as far as booking a mini cinema too. Just make sure that regardless of activity, the children must be supervised.

4: Add Child-Friendly Food to the Menu

Child-friendly food is a must at such a wedding and an outdoor venue can help you set this up. An ice cream or fish van or even afternoon tea are excellent options as this is less formal than the usual sit-down dinners and lunches.