5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favors

Picking up the perfect wedding favors can be a stress factor. However, there are various elements to keep in mind to ensure that these match the wedding theme.


A perfect wedding favor would be something that can be used once the wedding is over. Items such as bottle openers, candles and picture frames. These are things that guests would be able to use for years to come and be reminded of your special day as they do.

The Wedding Theme

Wedding favors would need to match the wedding theme. For a mediterranean wedding for instance, giving out starfish candles would be appropriate. Giving out picture frames decorated with sea shells would be good for a beach-themed wedding.

Affordable Favors

Most couples would be having around $1 or less to spend per party favor. It would therefore need to be something within budget. Dollar stores might help with that. Handmade favors are also good budget-friendly alternatives.

Consider Edible Items

An edible item would complete the other items in the wedding favor. This might range from a basic cool to a french macaron depending on your theme and budget. These can also be homemade.

Consider Personalized Items

Personalization would ensure that you are giving out unique pieces that your guests would not be seeing elsewhere. This might require some time and creativity on your behalf but at the end the effect would be worth it.

The end note when it comes to the perfect wedding favors would be to include the couple’s personal style along with blending in the wedding theme.