Adding Unique Features To Your Wedding

If you feel like you want to try out something rarely seen before to wow your guests at your wedding, you might want to consider the features below. They will add a touch of glam and sometimes fun to your big day celebration.

Pre-ceremony Cocktails

Especially if it’s summer, offering your guests a pre-ceremony cocktail could be more than welcomed. They would not be expecting a cocktail until they are at the reception, so this would come as a nice surprise.

Guest Transportation

If you intend to make your guests travel straight from the ceremony to the wedding reception, you might want to include the journey as part of the celebration. You can try to find some cool mass transportation method such as a yellow school bus, you drown you back into childhood or a hot air balloon if you can afford it.

Reception Ushers

You might have planned to have ushers escorting your guests to their seats at the ceremony. You could also go a step further and consider hiring reception ushers. These ushers would give your guests an upscale restaurant feel. You might want to enquire with your reception venue or caterer whether their staff would be able to do this job.

VIP Lounge

You can choose to provide your guests with a place to hang out in between dance sessions by creating a sort of beautifully decorated VIP lounge with couches, chairs and pillows. You might also add curtains to the area to make it more VIP-worthy.