Choosing the right shoes for your wedding

Choosing the right pair of shoes for your wedding is as important as the dress itself. After all, you would have to walk around and even dance  in those shoes and if the pair is not comfortable, you can bet that you would remember this day for a long time, but not for the right reasons. The below tips could help you make the right choice.

Match your shoes to your dress

This is probably the first thing that you would be considering. Your shoes’ material should complement the fabric of your dress and the color should not clash. You would not want your shoes to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

Your shoes would have to be wearable

Of course, you might have fallen for a lady gaga-style pair of high heels but remember all the stuff that you would have to do while wearing those shoes. Wobbling around on your high heels would not really give a good impression.

Choose a special pair of shoes

Opt for something special, even though it would not show that much from underneath your dress. Your shoes would have to be comfy of course, but choosing an exquisite pair can give you the boost of confidence and glamor you need on your wedding day.

Get them worn in

You might want to keep your shoes for your special day, but do not make the mistake of wearing them for the first time on your wedding day. Get used to them by practising walking in them around the house.