How to Find and Purchase the Best Spray Tanning Supplies

Article written by Fresh Boutique

If you are looking for a guide on how to select and purchase the best spray tanning supplies for your business, this is it. From deciding on the brand to selecting if organic is worth the extra price, we cover it. First, we must start with what you need.

Finding a reliable company to purchase supplies from is a huge priority for your business. You want to be sure that your customers are receiving the best you can offer, and you can’t do that without high quality supplies and service. Finding a company that can offer you brand name products and equipment in one order is the best way to go. Artesian Tan is one such company. They offer various brand names to choose from, as well as any equipment you may need to either start or revamp your tanning business or salon. In addition, companies like this will often offer wholesale discounts for business owners. Having this option will shorten your shopping time, and allow you to receive your shipments faster. From ordering another spray tan tent to hydrating spray, this is a time and money saving process to look into.

Now deciding on what brand lines you would like to use is dependent on your personal preference. The most important thing that any spray tanning solution has is DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, which is the ingredient that works the best in helping skin tan or change color. Besides this, evaluating your client base and determining what they prefer is a good route to go when determining the colors and brands of your products.

If you can afford it, organic airbrush tanning solution is a great path to take, when selecting the solutions for your spray tans. An all natural approach will reassure your clientele that there is nothing going into their skin that will harm them. Being eco friendly is also very attractive to clients and shows them that you care about the environment as a business owner. Paraben free is a good approach to take as well; anything without additional preservatives is usually a healthier option.

These are a few of the many things to consider when purchasing spray tanning supplies and equipment for your business. Don’t forget that what you purchase will reflect on you and your company, so be sure to choose wisely. And utilize those wholesale discounts and marketing materials provided by the company as much as you can! Start your research with the products you like, and see if what they promote is how you want your company to be perceived by future clients.