How to pick your wedding cake flavors?

If you love cake, you may find it difficult to choose a wedding cake flavor for your big day. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best flavors for your wedding day.

Take a light approach – Look at speaking to your partner and asking them what they would like as their wedding cake. You can then speak to bakers that you would like to work with and ask for prices before you organize a consultation.

If you love a wedding cake, ask the bride who made it – Not all wedding cakes are nice. Some may be too sweet, too dry or not dense enough. If you attend an event and love the cake, speak to the organizer and ask them to who made it.

Know that you won’t please everyone – You may have family members and friends who prefer other options, but it is important to note that it is your day and you should eat a cake that you truly love.

Don’t forget about frosting – Selecting the right frosting is key as it will mean that your cake has the right sweetness and flavor that will enhance its taste. Start off by tasting your cake with the basic frostings like buttercream, ganache, cream cheese, fondant, and then look at variations.

Think seasonal – Seasonal fruits and flowers will be more available and affordable. They will also often suit the event and time of your wedding. Consider seasonal fruits like strawberries, pumpkin, and berries to enhance your cake.