How to survive wedding dress shopping with your mom

freshweddingideas novArticle Written by : Young Fashion

Most brides will always bring a friend or their mom when choosing their wedding dress. However, sometimes you and your mom will have different tastes and this can cause conflict, making the whole experience a lot less memorable. Here are some tips on how to find common ground when you and your mom can’t agree on the dress.

Try new things – Trying new styles and silhouettes is a good way to understand what you like or dislike. Therefore, if your mom wants you to try on a dress you would not normally consider, try it on anyway, even if it’s just to please her. If it looks great on you, then you’ve found your dress. If not it will means that you can still try on some styles that you prefer.

Get specific – It is a good thing to understand what both of you like and dislike. This will involve some constructive criticism with optimistic suggestions. For example, if you love a mermaid style dress and your mom doesn’t ask her why.

Be sensitive – It is your day and you should feel and look your best. However, mothers always dream of seeing their daughters as a bride and therefore understand that it is a big day for her as well.

Try to compromise – Try narrowing your search down to 5 dresses with the help of your bridesmaids and bring your mom in for her final thoughts on what she likes.