Important things to know about spray tanning equipment

You no longer have to spend hours in the sun to achieve the perfect tan. Spray tanning will give you the same result in much less time without exposing you to the harmful UV rays of the sun which have been shown to increase the risk of skin cancer. This is also a much safer option than other artificial tanning methods such as the tanning beds which also expose you to the harmful rays.

In order to achieve the best results from spray tanning it is important that you have the right equipment and products. Therefore having a thorough knowledge about these will let you have the best spray tan equipment to get the tan you want.

Spray tan systems

If you are starting a spray tan salon you will need to have a good spray tan system. You can choose from a HVLP spray tan system or an airbrush spray tan system. The HVLP is a faster and more efficient system. At Artesian Tan you can select from the expensive Novell sunless tan systems or the much more affordable, but high quality Apollo spray tan systems which can be used at home as well.

HVLP tanning systems are more popular because they are much faster to use, in fact you can have a complete tan in 6 minutes. It also uses less tanning solution because of the lesser overspray. But if you are looking at getting detailed work done on the face and defining muscles, the airbrush tan system will give better results since the technician will have more control of the spray gun.

Tanning solution

Tanning solution pays a major role in the final result you get. With airbrush tan solution you can now have the exact shade of tan you want to have which is not possible with tanning under the sun or with tanning beds. These are available in different shades and types to suit different skin types to give you the best tan.

The amount of DHA, which is the active ingredient, determines the shade of the tan. The higher levels of DHA mean a darker tan. The higher levels do not mean that any damage is done to the skin. Also DHA is derived from natural sources and therefore safe for use on any skin type.

Tanning booth

This is a must have when operating a tanning system whether at home or at a salon. This will prevent the overspray from creating a mess by restricting it to the confines of the booth. You can purchase a portable pop up booth from Artesian Tan at an affordable price.

Other accessories

In addition to the main tanning products necessary one will also need to have disposable shoes and bras, eye and nose protection and hair caps.


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