Picking the Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle

Few occasions get as special as your wedding day and as the big day approaches, everything must come together from guests to vows to wardrobe and of course, hair. Whether using a professional or going it alone, here are some guidelines to choosing a hairstyle that perfectly complements you on your wedding day.

Know Thy Hair

Of course, you can probably have any hairstyle you can find in a famous magazine or on a celebrity, but the important thing is to know your hair inside and out and what kind of pressure it can reasonably handle on the day in question. If your hair is thin and brittle naturally, you don’t want to use lots of chemicals on it. If you have been thinking about a totally different hairstyle, you may want to hold off on having it at your wedding as you may not be satisfied with the final product. Try to stay within your boundaries so as not to risk completely hating the final result.


Your hair should fit your personality as well. Are you more into trends or classic looks? What about adding color on the day in question? Whatever your personal preference may be, try to stay within reason unless you are absolutely certain that you can knock everyone out with a completely different look for when you walk down the aisle.

Facial Shapes and Features

This is arguably one of the most important components to picking the right hairstyle for your special day. Depending on how round or long your face is, you may want to emphasize your cheekbones and ears, or highlight your eyes. From updos that frame a round face to high ponytails that work perfectly on square ones, choose wisely and play up your best features for that special day.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a fashion and makeup blogger based in the United States. Read more at the blog of Dev Randhawa, or follow her online.