Planning An Original Wedding Ceremony

Planning an original wedding ceremony that is quite different from the traditional one might be quite complicated. It might require a little more planning and creativity as you have to demark yourself from the rest of the weddings you might have been to. The following ideas might help you to create that original wedding ceremony.

The Bridal Dress does not have to be white

Even though most girls dream about getting married in the traditional white gown, this might not be the case for you. Trends have shown that brides are now moving away from the white gown to include more colors in their special outfit. For instance, dresses are now in color tones such as blush pink, blue or even in floral prints. A personality can also be added to a dress through a cardigan or even a leather jacket!

Lunch Ceremony

Instead of having a lunch and a dinner for the wedding reception. A single lunch ceremony can be held. This has the benefit of being budget-friendly as well. The wedding luncheon can be held in an open space, especially during summer. This would yield the best effect in a vast setting such as a field.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Instead of going for the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, you might opt for something original such as layers of cupcakes or other desserts. This would yield a more casual and fun effect and guests would be able to help themselves easily without have to designate someone to cut cake slices.