Summer Wedding Ideas

Warm-weathered nuptials have a dreamy feel about them. Maybe it has got to do with the fine weather and the fact that people seem to be more cheerful in summer. The lighting is also great and the season is wonderful for outdoor weddings and receptions. Some of the ideas below might help you bring some extra kick to your summer wedding.


Depending on your color theme, choose a hue of flowers that works best with it. Poppy florals look great during summer weddings. These flowers when potten can be used to decorate a ceremony. They can also serve as centrepieces and become the basis of favors handed out to guests. Since it is summer, you would not need to be shy on the flowers.

Fans and Umbrellas

Since the weather would be warm, the clothing worn by your guests might not make things better. You could bring down the temperature by providing fans or umbrellas to help your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Refreshing Drinks

Cocktails are great ways to help you guests cool down instantly. You might want to keep the drinks fun with a summer theme such as Pina Coladas or Mojitos. These would instantly enliven the atmosphere.

Shaded Spots

You might consider providing plenty of shades spots where your guests would be able to sit down and relax in between dances or between meals. Small tents or huge umbrellas would help create summer lounges.

Summer weddings are fun whether it is for the bridal couple or their guests. The focus would only have to be in ensuring maximum comfort.