Wedding Menu Ideas

For wedding menu ideas, we recommend that you first find caterers in your area, call them and arrange to send you their wedding menus and standard rates. This way you will know what the options are on wedding menu ideas. Then make an appointment to see the caterers who would best suit your needs, so you can specify the preparation of dishes and cuisine, or try to see what they have, and compare their rates. If you will have your event at a location that includes catering, then you should check their menu options.

Caterers will offer you wedding menu ideas at various prices. Composed by the wedding caterer or yourself, the wedding menu usually includes one or more appetizers, a main dish which usually meat or fish, a starch, a vegetable and dessert.

Alcohol such as champagne or wine is a must in most weddings. If you want quality wine, seek advice from an expert on what to get. Think about organizing a wine tasting with some friends to be sure of your choice.

Here are some recommendations that we have:

If you want to be a little different and offer top choices:
•  Duck foie gras Southwest
•  Nage de Coquille Saint-Jacques with Vegetables
•  Lobster Sauce

For fish dishes :
•  Medallions of Monkfish with Crayfish and fresh tagliatelle
•  Sander fillet with beurre blanc Nantais
•  Grilled Sea Bream with Herbs and Champagne Sabayon

For meat dishes wedding menu ideas:
•  Duck and Porcini Sauce
•  Filet of Beef Wellington
•  Grilled tournedos with morels and sauce

For dessert wedding menu ideas:
•  Wedding cake
•  Frozen nougat with Raspberry Coulis on
•  Baked Alaska
•  Vacherin Vanilla and Fresh Raspberry Coulis

 Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to offer two choices of meat and a vegetarian dish, to satisfy all types of tastes and preferences.

If you prefer to play the card of simplicity on your wedding menu ideas, perhaps you’ll be seduced by a rustic menu, usually consisting of an assortment of salads and raw vegetables, followed by your traditional menu. Country sausage, homemade pate, sausages smoked over a wood fire. Followed seasonal fruit, pineapple, and traditional wedding cake and accompanied by local wines and traditional dishes of the region. Let yourself be seduced by product mix straight from the market. These simple and authentic dishes are popular at the moment, and collect a rule unanimously.

You can also direct you to the new kitchen, refined dishes placed in dishes as works of art will delight your most discerning guests. Take particular care as to the presentation of your appetizers, glasses but do not confuse these with some dishes that caterers leaders without talent show as the “nouvelle cuisine”, adding just simple dishes of assorted fancies, such as parts sweet and fruity taste with no real harmony.

The menu Corsica, for example, because it has the flavor of the products of the scrub and the soil, may delight your guests: seduced by an assortment of local meats incomparable flavors like terrine Figatellu to brandy by Fondue Vegetable Origin Piedmont, chain with a delicious veal cooked with olives, followed by Broccio, designed from a typical cheese from sheep’s milk, the Fiadone, and finish with Chestnut Flour Pancakes Honey.

The wedding menu Breton will also seduce you with its Jacques Scallops swim, his Lobster Grilled, Mashed Potatoes its traditional lands, and Crepes Stuffed with Grand Marnier. Be careful thought to validate the availability of products from the date of your wedding because some dishes are only available during certain periods.

Some may also be tempted by the Alsatian menu, we strongly recommended in winter because invigorating! You’re off to the Filet Mignon with cabbage, potatoes, sausages, dishes with cream and white wine, pancakes strudel.

The flavors of an Oriental wedding menu ideas will certainly not be displeasing to you too: we will offer you the Brik to potatoes as a starter, followed by an omelet chicken, tripe Cumin, a Méchoui Tuna, in Potatoes in Harissa, and finally a selection of oriental pastries: you can choose between the horns of gazelles, Stuffed Dates, or a platter of exotic fruits … to enjoy with a good mint tea of course!

And for lovers of original dishes and spicy, try the flavor of faraway Indian menu: Samosa, Raita, Chicken Tika Chicken Kashmir, vegetarian dishes, accompanied by saffron rice, so many dishes to taste absolutely!